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Spring is Here!

A few meter care items you may want to add to your Spring Cleaning checklist: 

  • Remove any insulting materials you may have placed in your meter box during the winter. 
  • Trim bushes, trees and grass that block access or cover the meter.
  • Minimize planting in the area where operators must travel to access the meter.
  • Do not bury or mulch, gravel, or pave over your meter.
  • Carefully inspect meter box and surrounding area for bee and wasp nests. 
  • Keep pets away from meter and the path that leads to your meter.
  • Remove any objects (like lawn ornaments, flower boxes, decorative rocks, garbage cans, vehicles, equipment, etc.) that cover or block access to the meter. 
  • Ensure that meters are not blocked by locked gates or fencing. If you have a locked gate, please contact our office. 
  • Make sure your home’s address is clearly displayed on your residence.